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Lurking Fear Productions Presents: The Song of the Abyss

Join Lurking Fear Productions in a weekend of live action Lovecraftian horror created exclusively for Dragon*Con members.

The Minoan Society is a worldwide organization dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the ages. With a wide spectrum of members from scientific, academic, mystic and other unique communities, the Minoan Society is unparalleled in its diversity. Every ten years, the society holds a formal gathering where all members are invited to attend and discuss the mysteries of the universe and their various strategies for unraveling them.

It is 1948 and this year marks the one-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the society's founding. It is an occasion for great celebration and Aran Blaise, the reclusive chairman and elusive final descendant of the Society's founder, will be making his first appearance in nearly thirty years. Aran Blaise has chosen Atlantic City, New Jersey, and the fictional Empire Hotel and Convention Center, as the location for this year's convention and Society members from around the world are preparing to attend. It has been rumored that Blaise's reappearance is of great importance and may herald a change to the Minoan Society that will alter its future forever.

Lurking Fear Productions is an independently owned live action roleplaying studio committed to providing games of quality horror based upon the Cthulhu Mythos. Through the use of the original Chaotic Fluidity Live Action Roleplaying System, Lurking Fear Productions runs several salon-style live action roleplaying events each year. Each venue, game and setting is unique and comprehensive, with a strong attention to detail.

The Song of the Abyss was created exclusively for Dragon*Con and will run from Saturday at noon until Sunday night. Cost is $15 per player and players may portray pre-generated characters that come equipped with backgrounds, goals and relationships to other characters, or may create their own character for customization. Please visit the Lurking Fear Productions website at http://www.wonderlandclothier.com/lurkingfear for more information.

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