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August 2nd, 2007

Dragon*Con Game Promotion

(x-posted like crazy)

Lurking Fear Productions Presents
Gods of Forbidden Light

Join Lurking Fear Productions in an event of live action horror based upon the works of H.P. Lovecraft and created exclusively for Dragon*Con members:

It is the evening of December 29th, 1941 and the height of the Blitz. Much of London has been evacuated, but there are still a few remaining citizens fleeing from the German onslaught. You are one among a group of evacuees, escaping by train to Bath while German bombs shower down upon you and the city of London burns in the distance.

Before you and the other evacuees can make your escape, however, a bomb destroys a portion of the tracks, leaving you stranded. Until the tracks can be repaired, you are taken to a crumbling sanitarium, known as Fellwood, to wait out the raid. Most of the patients and staff of Fellwood have been evacuated, but a few remain because they either refuse to leave or they have nowhere else to go.

Now you and the other evacuees, staff and patients of Fellwood are forced to wait out the bombing of London within the sanitarium’s walls while the very fabric of reality shifts and warps. It seems one of the evacuees isn’t everything he claims to be, and his occult past may be tied to the future of Britain, the war, and the world itself.

Lurking Fear Productions is an independently owned live action roleplaying studio committed to providing games of quality horror based upon the Cthulhu Mythos. Through the use of the original Chaotic Fluidity Live Action Roleplaying System, Lurking Fear Productions runs several salon-style live action roleplaying events each year. Each venue, game and setting is unique and comprehensive, with a strong attention to detail.

Gods of Forbidden Light was created exclusively for Dragon*Con and will run from 1:00 PM until 6:00 PM Sunday afternoon. Cost is $15 per player, and players may portray pre-generated characters who come equipped with backgrounds, goals and relationships to other characters, or may create their own characters for individual customization. All players will be provided with a free copy of the Chaotic Fluidity Live Action Roleplaying System upon registration, and our staff will assist you in learning the nuances of this unique salon-style system. Please visit Lurking Fear Productions at our website for pre-registration and game information or at our booth in the gaming concourse area during the convention.

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